The Fate of Gender: Nature, Nurture, and the Human Future

First Baptist Decatur Sanctuary presented by AJC

Sunday, 3:45-4:30

Former National Public Radio science reporter and bestselling author Frank Browning explores human gender geographies around the world, from gender-neutral kindergartens in Chicago and Oslo to femminielli weather casters in Naples, from conservative Catholics in Paris fearful of God and nature, to transsexual Mormon parents in Utah. Linking science to culture and behavior, and delving into the lives of individuals challenging historic norms, Browning questions the traditional division of nature versus nurture in everything from plant science to sexual expression, arguing in the end that life consists of an endless waltz The Fate of Gender offers readers of any age new ways to understand their own and others’ identities, new ways to interpret our recent gender-bending history, and a new ability to imagine the possibilities for our new and future society.


Frank Browning

Former NPR science reporter Frank Browning grew up on an apple farm in Kentucky and now lives in Paris. His books include The American Way of Crime (with John Gerassi), The Culture of Desire, A Queer Geography; Apples: The Story of the Fruit of Temptation; and The Monk & the Skeptic. He writes on art and culture for The Huffington Post and has contributed to The Washington Post Magazine, Mother Jones,Playboy, Salon, and other publications.


Brad Cooke

Brad Cooke is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Neuroscience at GSU, and a Senior Medical Writer at ArticulateScience.

He received a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Psychology from UC Berkeley. His interests are in the sexual differentiation of the brain and behavior, and his research is focused on the neurobiological origins and development of sexual orientation, the mechanisms and effects of puberty on the brain, and sex differences in the stress response.