art|DBF returns to the AJC Decatur Book Festival in 2017 to showcase the arts and culture community of Decatur and surrounding Atlanta area. This year’s art|DBF is curated by ArtsATL, a non-profit organization that promotes a healthy and vibrant arts community in metro Atlanta. They do this by providing a combination of thoughtful, critical analysis, news resources, commentary, programming and in-depth features of the city’s vibrant arts scene across all disciplines — visual art, design, music, dance, theater, books and film.

art|DBF celebrates that storytelling, the sharing of new ideas, the creation of characters, and the transportation of audiences to places both real and imagined not only happens in the pages of a book but also within museums, on stages, in film and video, on the streets, on the walls of buildings, and everywhere else you find artists and creators working.

art|DBF continues to recognize the role of the arts as a driver for a vibrant, creative, and economically thriving community. art|DBF believes that by elevating the visibility of the arts — literary, visual, and performing — and connecting the public with these cultural opportunities, we can work to ensure the long-term sustainability of a strong arts community.

What will result from this meetup between the literary and art worlds?
Conversation. Collaboration. Activation. Creation. Transformation. Celebration.

Resources for Partners

We’re so excited to have so many wonderful organizations involved in art|DBF. Below you’ll find several resources to promote your organization’s involvement with art|DBF.