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Bookzilla Loves ATL: Bookzilla Loves King of Pops !

Bookzilla Loves ATL is a weekly blog series documenting Bookzilla’s adventures around the city of Atlanta. DBF’s curious Book Monster will visit various Atlanta-based organizations who are taking a unique approach to their industries and services, all the while showing love for their hometown of Atlanta. Be sure to check back each week to follow Bookzilla‘s explorations!

Bookzilla Loves King of Pops!

King of Pops - Funky Fresh & Handmade Pops

If you’ve been to a KOP stand, you’ve seen the awesome chalk art they display on their flavor boards.

King of Pops (KOP), a now-iconic homegrown Atlanta business, was started in 2010 by two brothers with little money and a lot of motivation. Steven and Nick Carse’s popsicle business has now developed into a nationally known brand that thrives on innovative flavors (tangerine basil and honeydew lime zest, for example) and instantly recognizable imagery.

Despite their growing brand recognition, KOP has stayed true to its Atlanta roots in many ways. To celebrate this community-minded organization (and to get his claws on some free pops), Bookzilla visited the KOP headquarters in Inman Park to chat with CEO and Co-Founder Steven Carse!

Bookzilla can hardly contain his excitement…it’s the KOP WORLD-WIDE HEADQUARTERS!

Tell us about yourself, and what do you do for KOP?

My name is Steven Carse, I’m the CEO at King of Pops. My brother Nick and I founded the company in 2010, with very little money and plans, but a lot of passion and ideas.

Steven showing off a colorful pop in front of the KOP Walk-Up Window on the Atlanta Beltline.

What is KOP‘s organizational mission?

We want to provide an amazing product in a fun way. It’s really important to us to be an active, positive part of the community and we are always looking to improve.

Bookzilla is a colorful character, so he loves the iconic colorful KOP logo!

What’s something most people don’t know about KOP?

Our rainbow umbrella, which is now a huge part of our brand, was not a well thought out decision. Instead, we were at the store and it was in stock and one of the few that we could afford. At this point, it’s something that we will continue to use forever and cannot imagine using anything else.

Bookzilla and Steven talk shop (*pops*) in front of a rack of their famous colorful umbrellas.

Where do you get the ingredients for your pops?

We get the ingredients mostly from local farms and our milk from Southern Swiss Dairy. We bought a farm in Douglasville last year, King of Crops, and now we’re starting to get some ingredients from there. The herbs are already in our pops and we just got melons!

Bookzilla with a KOP pop

Bookzilla chows down on a delicious “Fresh Peach” pop.

What’s your favorite flavor pop?

My favorite is “Banana Pudding.” “Tangerine Basil” is a close second.

Bookzilla with Steven Carse

Steven shows off one of his favorite pops, “Tangerine Basil.”

Most people know about the KOP carts, but where else can we find your pops?

We are in most Whole Foods stores in the Southeast, many local Atlanta markets such as Alons, Savi and Stars Provision, Turner Field during all Braves games, and we also have an online store at KingOfPops.net.

Bookzilla taking a pop from a staff member

It turns out that Bookzilla’s favorite part of this visit wasn’t the pops, but the wonderful staff!

What does KOP bring to the Atlanta community, and how does the organization stay true to its Atlanta roots while expanding into other markets?

We bring a great product to Atlanta, our ingredients are very high quality and we go out of our way to make sure they stay that way or improve. But I think the most valuable thing we bring is community and the fact that having one of our pops usually entails going outside, taking a walk, talking to people around you, chatting with our slingers, getting some sun and fresh air.

Bookzilla in Inman Park

Can’t find the famous KOP Walk-Up Window off the Atlanta BeltLine? Look out for this large Inman Park mural and colorful KOP signage!

How can community members get involved in KOP?

We always have things going on and we love being part of our community. We host a free weekly yoga class at the Fourth Ward Skatepark by The Beltline every Tuesday and have an incredible turn out. You can look up pictures with our hashtag #kopyoga. We also have volunteer days at our farm, King of Crops, every other Sunday. You can go to the King of Crops Facebook page for more information.

Bookzilla standing by Walk-Up Window sign

After scarfing down some delicious pops, Bookzilla can’t wait for his next trip ot the KOP Walk-Up Window.

What is the best way to stay up-to-date with KOP new offerings, locations, general news, etc.?

You can find the newest about flavors, events, job opportunities and such on our social media. @kingofpops on Instagram and Facebook and @thekingofpops on Twitter. On our website KingOfPops.net you can find out daily locations, information about catering and our online shop, where you can get pops and tees shipped to you anywhere in the U.S. Tell your friends!

The oh-so-colorful KOP website. We expect nothing less from this colorful organization!

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel García Márquez.

Bookzilla and Steven Carse reading The Flavor Bible

It might not be Steven’s favorite book, but “The Flavor Bible” is an important one around KOP headquarters.