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Bookzilla Loves ATL: Bookzilla Loves Scoutmob

Bookzilla Loves ATL is a weekly blog series documenting Bookzilla’s adventures around the city of Atlanta. DBF’s curious Book Monster will visit various Atlanta-based organizations who are taking a unique approach to their industries and services, all while showing love for their hometown of Atlanta. Be sure to check back each week to follow Bookzilla’s explorations!

Bookzilla Loves Scoutmob

We mustache you a question! Are you excited to explore the Scoutmob headquarters?

Many Atlantans have the Scoutmob app on their phones seeking great local deals, but few probably know the company is based right here in the ATL! Scoutmob is a win-win for both consumers and business owners, giving people rad discounts at various stores and eateries, which in turn increases business at the stores! People can also use the Scoutmob Shoppe, an online marketplace for independently made goods. Scoutmob’s innovative marketing practices and loyalty to Atlanta made it easy to land on our BookZilla Loves Atlanta series! Our lovable green monster visited the headquarters last week and caught up with Barbara Tushbant, the Scoutmob Atlanta managing editor.

Barbara knows Atlanta inside and out. She can get you the best deal in the city on tasty food, fun events, and arts. You name it, she’s got your back.

Tell us about yourself, and what you do for Scoutmob?

I’m the managing editor for Scoutmob in Atlanta, which means I get to find the coolest stuff about Atlanta, from restaurants to events to arts, and write about it. Our daily mobile deals and Hand-Picked experiences all come with a sassy write-up and photos, and we publish articles every day to highlight different features of our awesome city—that’s a lot of words! Thankfully, I also manage a small army of intrepid freelancers who do some of the writing, but if it’s coming from Scoutmob, I’ve had my hands (and my spellcheck) all over it. On a personal note, I’m a proud former Atlanta Rollergirl and roller derby announcer, I’m a performer with Dad’s Garage Theatre Company and I love cats. Like really, really love them. I also overuse the fried shrimp emoji.

Check out Scoutmob’s Shoppe where independent makers can sell their handcrafted goods.

Most people know Scoutmob for its local deals, but what else does the organization do/offer?

Scoutmob’s Shoppe is a marketplace for inspired goods by independent makers. It’s a curated online marketplace where artisans, designers, artists and other types of makers can connect with our users, and showcase unique gifts, clothing, homewares and more. There’s always a great story with every product, and you can be sure it was made with love by an independent artist.

Located in the Strongbox West building, some 3D art lines the halls on the way to Scoutmob’s office.

What is Scoutmob’s organizational mission?

“It’s our humble belief that by surrounding ourselves with the authentic, the unique and the curious, our lives are more awesome. We celebrate the independent makers by seeking out their inspired goods and crafted experiences, providing meaningful ways for our users to connect for themselves.” That’s our official spiel, but in short, it just means we love our city and we want to share every single awesome thing about it.

The Scoutmob team knows how to get creative and have fun doing it. So. Much. Talent.

What’s your favorite thing about working with Scoutmob?

The people who work at Scoutmob inspire the heck out of me. Everyone is passionate about Atlanta to begin with, and they’re also passionate about the work they do. I also love that in my position, I get to wander all over the city photographing and writing about everything that makes Atlanta such a vibrant, amazing place to live. I’ve lived in this city for almost 20 years, and I thought I knew everything worth knowing about. Working at Scoutmob, I learn about new places around every corner. I love that Atlanta can still surprise me.

What’s more fun than a photoshoot? Bookzilla loves posing with these Scoutmob experts and cool Shoppe products.

What makes Scoutmob unique compared to other digital deal organizations like Groupon or Living Social?

Curation, curation, curation. Our daily mobile offers are referred to as “local finds.” This means that while Groupon and Living Social are offering teeth whitening and laser hair removal, generic stuff that can be found in any city, Scoutmob is searching out the hometown newsmakers, the innovators, the imagineers and the local heroes, and actively connecting them with our users.

Our Hand-Picked experiences are truly that—we put together experiences that no one can get anywhere else, sometimes something as simple as a dinner for two at a brand new restaurant, and sometimes it’s a uniquely Atlanta experience, like touring a local brewery. We can think long and hard about our deals—is this unique to Atlanta? Is this something Atlanta can celebrate?

Look at these cute products! You can get them at Scoutmob’s Shoppe.

How can community members get involved with Scoutmob?

Email me at inkslinger@scoutmob.com and let me know about the cool stuff in your neck of the woods!

Have you downloaded their app? If not, do it so you can find the best of the best in the city you call home!

What’s the best way to stay up-to-date about Scoutmob deals and news?

Everyone knows about the Scoutmob app, right? Well now you do. If you’re not on the email list, you can sign up for it at our website at http://scoutmob.com/atlanta. All of our new local finds get sent in daily emails, and it’s the easiest way to see the best of Atlanta.

Atlanta’s got talent. And it’s all jam packed in the Scoutmob headquarters!

What is your favorite book?

”Never Let Me Go“ by Kazuo Ishiguro. It’s the story of children in a very unique orphanage learning how to navigate relationships and their paths in life. It‘s such a haunting, heartbreaking story about what makes us human, and raises so many questions about the nature of love and other purposes as humans. Big stuff to ponder. I still get chills when I think about it.

We like to Read Different and Scoutmob is a business that runs different. Bookzilla loves Scoutmob!