Speak at the Festival

UPDATE: The AJC DBF is closed to submissions for 2020. 

We’ll provide information on the submission process for the 2021 AJC Decatur Festival in early 2021.

The AJC Decatur Book Festival prides itself on the diverse array of authors, genres, and discussions. The Festival invites and features about 250 authors each year on panels or in solo sessions. 

Submission Requirements

To be considered for the featured author stages at the annual Festival, books must be:

  • Published after September 3 of the Festival year (with priority given to books published in the Festival year) and available for sell via traditional channels.
  • Published in traditional format (hardback or paperback). The DBF is currently not considering e-books for presentation.
  • Written for a general or “trade” audience. Books written for specialty or academic audiences will not be considered.
  • Self-published books must meet the following additional criteria:
    • The book must have been edited by a professional;
    • The book must be available to booksellers with standard discount terms and be returnable; and
    • The author must have a functional website.

Author Invitation Process

  • The AJC DBF programming committee is comprised of literary and publishing professionals, and the committee reviews and selects authors for the featured stages.
  • Most invitations to participate are extended between February and May.
  • If traveling, authors should be prepared to pay for their own travel expenses to the festival.

Submission Process

Submissions are closed for 2020. 

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