Ace Atkins-The Shameless

Ace Atkins


Ace Atkins is the author of twenty-four books, including nine Quinn Colson novels, the first two of which, The Ranger and The Lost Ones, were nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Novel. (He also has a third Edgar nomination for his short story “Last Fair Deal Gone Down.”) In addition, he is the author of seven New York Timesbestselling novels in the continuation of Robert B. Parker’s iconic Spenser series. Before turning to fiction, he was a correspondent for the St. Petersburg Times and a crime reporter for The Tampa Tribune. In college, he played defensive end for the undefeated Auburn University football team (for which he was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated). He lives with his family in Oxford, Mississippi.


The Shameless

Twenty years ago, Brandon Taylor was thought to be just a teen boy who ended his own life too soon. Now, two New York-based reporters show up in Tibbehah County, Mississippi asking Sherrif Quinn Colson questions about the Taylor case. Quinn wants to help, but he was just a kid himself in 1997, and these days he’s got more on his plate than twenty-year-old suspicious death. He’s trying to shut down the criminal syndicate that’s had a stranglehold on Tibbehah for years, trafficking drugs, stolen goods, and young women through the MidSouth. Truck stop madam Fannie Hathcock runs most of that action, and has her eyes on taking over the whole show. And then there’s Senator Jimmy Vardaman, who’s cut out the old political establishment riding the Syndicate’s money and power – plus a hefty helping of racism and ignorance – straight to the governor’s office. If he manages to get elected, the Syndicate will be untouchable. Tibbehah will be lawless. Quinn’s been fighting evil and corruption since he was a kid, at home or as a U.S. Army Ranger in Afghanistan and Iraq. This time, evil may win out.

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