Barbara Brown Taylor-Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others

Barbara Brown Taylor


Barbara Brown Taylor is the author of fourteen books, including An Altar in the World, which won the Silver Nautilus Award; Leaving Church, which received an Author of the Year Award from the Georgia Writers Association and was named Theologos Best General Interest Book; and Learning to Walk in the Dark, which was named one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Religion Books of 2014 and received a 2015 Living Now Book Award. Taylor recently retired as the Butman Professor of Religion at Piedmont College, where taught since 1998. She lives on a working farm in rural northeast Georgia with her husband Ed.


Wild Mercy and Holy Envy

Barbara Brown Taylor and Mirabai Starr call out the very best in all of us. They come from different places, but are both steeped in spirituality from a variety of faith traditions. Together and separately, they offer remarkable insights into some of the deepest, most difficult and most joyful areas of our common human journey. We are thrilled to have Mirabai and Barbara sharing the stage and dialoguing together. The wisdom they convey will inspire you. Their winsome honesty about their own life stories will reassure you. And their surprisingly sensible suggestions for living with dignity, understanding, and compassion will change you. Prolific authors both, they have appropriately entitled their most recent books, Holy Envy (Barbara Brown Taylor) and Wild Mercy (Mirabai Starr). What they offer together is this perfect combination. Their perspectives are reassuringly merciful, inspiringly wild, and thoroughly holy. We invite you to join us in what we know will be a presentation to remember.

Moderator: Dr. David Jordan

Dr. David Jordan is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Decatur. He is the author of three books, numerous published articles, poetry, an on-line sermon series, and a short story. Before coming to Georgia, he was a minister with in four different churches in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and North Carolina. Throughout his ministry, he has offered leadership in a number of Peace and Justice initiatives, including racial reconciliation, environmental concerns, interfaith dialogues, and educational programs involving Palestinians and Israelis, Muslims, Christians and Jews. David and his wife Beth, also a Baptist minister and CPE Supervisor, have three grown children.

  • First Baptist Decatur Sanctuary presented by AJC
  • Sun 12:00-12:45p Baptist

Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others

Barbara Brown Taylor continues the journey she began in Leaving Church of finding out what the world looks like after taking off her clergy collar. In Holy Envy, she contemplates the myriad ways other people encounter the Transcendent, both by digging deeper into those traditions herself and by seeing them through her students’ eyes as she sets off with them on field trips to monasteries, temples, and mosques. Troubled and inspired by what she learns, Taylor returns to her own tradition for guidance, finding new meaning in old teachings that have too often been used to exclude religious strangers instead of embracing the divine challenges they present. Re-imagining some central stories from the religion she knows best, she takes heart in how often God chooses outsiders to teach insiders how out-of-bounds God really is. BUY THIS BOOK!

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