Bill  Curry-Ten Men You Meet in the Huddle: Lessons from a Football Life

Bill Curry


Bill Curry has experienced virtually every scenario football provides, and relishes the opportunity to share its vivid personalities, painful life lessons, and Leadership secrets. He labored in the pits as an offensive center for twenty years, coached at every level for twenty-seven years, and was an ESPN game analyst eleven more. He is attempting to retire, but continues to be drawn back into a demanding schedule by speaking engagements, wife Carolyn’s foundation, and charitable activities.


Ten Men You Meet in the Huddle: Lessons from a Football Life

As our country has grown more and more divided in the last decade, the sport of football has taken on added significance as a builder of constructive relationships between people from varied environments. From the locker rooms to the stands, communities bond in a unique and powerful way in and around our sport. The fact remains that football is America’s game. Blessed with irresistible characters, rich personal history, and a strong, simple, down-to-earth voice, Ten Men You Meet in the Huddle: Lessons From a Football Life proves that football is much more than a game. It is indeed a metaphor for life. This enhanced and updated Tenth Anniversary Edition examines and amplifies the pressing issues facing football today.

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