Brigitte Byrd-Onomo

Brigitte Byrd


Brigitte Byrd

grew up in France where she trained as a dancer before migrating to the United

States. A transnational poet, she is the author of four books. Professor of English at Clayton State University, she also serves as

Associate Editor for Tupelo Quarterly. Brigitte lives in Atlanta.


Onomo, Flaubert!

ONOMO, FLAUBERT! is a collection of poems telling the story of a French woman, Bibi, who creates a magical world in order to escape the isolation and alienation of suburban life in the American South. Bibi transforms into a deer, learns the language of the forest, morphs into a man, turns her past into tall tales, and stirs the Southern landscape. ONOMO, FLAUBERT! presents an alternative to the male narrative of the melancholy woman.

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