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Harrison Scott Key’s writing has been featured in The Best American Travel Writing, the New York Times, Outside, Salon, The Chronicle of Higher Education, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Southern Living, Reader’s Digest, Image, Creative Nonfiction, The Mockingbird, The Green County Independent, The American Conservative, Brevity, Gulf Coast, and Oxford American, where he is also a contributing editor. He teaches at SCAD in Savannah, Georgia, where he lives with his wife and three children. Harper published his first memoir, The World’s Largest Man, which won the Thurber Prize for American Humor.


Wit and the Role of Humor in Writing

In this new memoir, Congratulations, Who Are You Again?, readers join Harrison Scott Key on his outrageous journey to becoming a great American writer. In Wit’s End, James Geary embraces wit in every form by adopting a different style for each chapter; he writes the section on verbal repartee as a dramatic dialogue, the neuroscience of wit as a scientific paper, the spirituality of wit as a sermon, and other chapters in jive, rap, and the heroic couplets of Alexander Pope. Join these two authors as they discuss what Wit is, and the role it plays in life and writing.

Moderator: Drew Jubera

Drew Jubera is consulting producer on Last Chance U, the Netflix documentary series based on his story in GQ. He is also author of Must Win: A Season of Survival for a Town and Its Team, named one of 10 books all Georgians should read by the Georgia Center for the Book, and adapted as a documentary series on the NFL Network. Drew has written for GQ, The New York Times, ESPN The Magazine, Esquire.com, Texas Monthly, and other publications.

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Congratulations, Who Are You Again?

In this new memoir, Congratulations Who Are You Again, readers join Harrison Scott Key on his outrageous journey to becoming a great American writer. As a young boy in Mississippi, Harrison possessed many special gifts, such as the ability to read and complete college applications. And yet, throughout young adulthood, he failed at many vocations, until one day, after drinking perhaps too many beers and dusting off his King James Bible, he stumbled across a passage about a lonely pelican, which burst into flame inside him. In a mad blaze of holy illumination, Harrison realized his dream: to set the world afire with the light inside him. He would write a funny book. This was his dream. With unforgettable wit and tenderness, Congratulations Who Are You Again is Harrison’s instructive tale of pursuing his destiny with relentless and often misguided devotion.

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