Jack Lowe-The Jekyll Island Chronicles (Book Two): A Devil's Reach

Jack Lowe


Jack Lowe, part of the Jekyll Island Chronicles creator team that includes Steve Nedvidek and Ed Crowell, is a student of immersive, environmental storytelling. This, combined with his filmmaking background, is what helps add the visual punch and rich worlds that make up this story of new action heroes caught up in the throws of unrest and anarchy in the post WWI world.


History Comes Alive in Graphic Novels

The blend of art and story makes history come alive in two outstanding graphic novels. More than a textbook coverage of historical events, they personalize the events and make them more real to readers.

Moderator: Mickey Dubrow

For more than 30 years, Mickey Dubrow wrote television promos, marketing presentations, and scripts for various clients including Cartoon Network, TNT Latin America, HGTV, and CNN. He has written personal essays and short stories for both print and online publications including The Good Men Project, Full Grown People, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. He is a member of the board of the Decatur Writers Studio.

  • Marriott Conference Center Auditorium
  • Sat 1:45-2:30p Marriott Auditorium

The Jekyll Island Chronicles (Book Two): A Devil's Reach

At the beginning of the twentieth century, one sixth of the world’s wealth vacationed in and around the tiny Georgia island of Jekyll. Captains of industry like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Morgan, and Carnegie all called the Jekyll area home. Blending elements of historical fact, clockwork technology, and diesel-punk style, The Jekyll Island Chronicles span an age of furious mechanical advancement while exploring the span of man’s soul – whether good or evil.

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