Joseph  Crespino-Atticus Finch: The Biography

Joseph Crespino


Joe Crespino is the Jimmy Carter Professor of History at Emory University. He is an expert in the political and cultural history of the twentieth century United States, and of the history of the American South since Reconstruction. His work has been supported by fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Academy of Education. In 2014, he served as the Fulbright Distinguished Chair in American Studies at the University of Tubingen, and he has been named a Distinguished Lecturer by the Organization of American Historians. Crespino has published three books, has co-edited a collection of essays, and has written for academic journals as well as for popular forums such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico, and the Wall Street Journal. His most recent book – Atticus Finch: The Biography – Harper Lee, Her Father, and the Making of an American Icon – was published in 2018 by Basic Books. In a front-page review in the New York Times, Howell Raines, former executive editor of the Times and a native Alabaman, described Atticus Finch as a “crisp,” “illuminating” book that “opens a widow into ‘Mockingbird’s’ scrubbed-up Alabama of memory” and “the literary politics of the modern South.”