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Kimberly Belle


Kimberly Belle is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of five suspense novels. Her third, The Marriage Lie, was a semifinalist in the 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Mystery & Thriller and has been translated into a dozen languages. A graduate of Agnes Scott College, Kimberly worked in marketing and nonprofit fundraising before turning to writing fiction. She divides her time between Atlanta and Amsterdam.


When the Vow Breaks, Sponsored by ATL Mortgage

A domestic thriller and a dystopian satire center on the separation of husbands and wives. In Kimberly Belle’s Dear Wife, a detective searches for a woman who has disappeared from a marriage he suspects has turned deadly. In Mickey Dubrow’s American Judas, a theocratic government sends a Jewish husband fleeing to Mexico while his wife is forcibly taken to a “savior camp.” These two panelists will discuss how these stories of disrupted marriages, one torn apart from within, one from without, speak to their shared themes of isolation, female body autonomy, oppression, and hope.

Moderator: Joshilyn Jackson

Joshilyn Jackson is the author of nine books, including Gods in Alabama, The Almost Sisters, and most recently Never Have I Ever. Her work has been translated into more than a dozen languages, and Jackson is also an award winning audiobook narrator. She writes page-turners that revolve around women’s issues and faith and justice issues. She lives in Decatur with her family.

  • Decatur City Hall presented by City of Decatur
  • Sat 4:15-5:00p City Hall

Dear Wife

For months Beth Murphy has been meticulously planning her escape from her violent husband. She lays a trail westward and then disappears east with a new look and new name. She’s given her escape plan significant thought. Even the smallest of slip-ups and her husband will find her and kill her. Meanwhile, a couple hundred miles away, Jeffrey Hardison returns home from a work trip to find his wife Sabine is missing. Her abandoned car is the only evidence the police have, and all signs point to foul play. As the police search for leads, the case becomes more and more convoluted. Sabine’s carefully laid plans for her future indicate trouble at home, and a husband who would be better off with her gone. Where is Sabine? And who is Beth? The only thing that’s certain is that one of them is lying. BUY THIS BOOK!

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