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Mary Becker


In fifth-grade English class, Mary (Leary) Becker discovered her love of writing, and even though it was her favorite of all classes, she never imagined that as an adult she would be an author. She was first published in 2011 when she began writing her Kid$ense book series, hoping to encourage children, and their parents, to practice wise money management principles. She has since collaborated with Donna Anello, an education consultant, in creating the Wonderfully Made Children book series. These books serve the greater good in all of us to be kind, to be inclusive of those who seem different from us, and to be understanding and compassionate to those around us while educating the reader about the behaviors associated with learning disabilities. Both Donna and Mary are honored that these books have been endorsed by doctors and the Autism Society of GA. In 2014, Mary and co-author Diane St.Cyr Janelle began a labor of love to encourage women everywhere who are part of the sandwich generation, always trying to balance raising children and caring for aging parents, while deeply longing for that romance with their significant other. Their goal was to bring humor along with a huge understanding that they are not alone in this situation! It was during their first collaboration it became obvious that every couple has a story and that is how the She Said He Said book series was born. The first book for each couple offers “her” side of their story followed by the second book offering “his” side. This past March the first book in their series titled Happily Ever After Everyone Else (Julie’s Story) was selected as one of four finalists to receive the Yerby Award at the Augusta Book Festival. It was a wonderful honor to be recognized. In January of this year, Mike’s side of the story was published and now Diane and Mary are devoting their writing skills to bring a new couple to literary notoriety. The next book in the series will explore the intertwined life of an interfaith couple, and yes, there will still be the wonderful humor that their fans adore! While Mary really loves the creativity writing brings, her favorite career will always be her role of wife and mother. Mary is presently living happily ever after with her high school sweetheart/husband in a storybook cottage, which includes a revolving door that is always open to their children, their children’s spouses, and their grandchildren.


Atlanta Writers Club Contemporary Fiction

Listen to a panel of talented Atlanta Writers Club members as they discuss their newest contemporary fiction titles. Distinguished panelists include Beth Duke, Mary Becker, and Marilyn Baron.

Moderator: Martha Boone

Martha B. Boone is a urologist with her own private practice. She first received her surgical training at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, where she became one of the first one hundred women urologists in the world. Her personal experiences as a new surgeon inspired her to write her first novel, The Big Free. Boone now continues her urology practice in Atlanta.

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  • Sat 12:30-1:15p City Hall

Happily Ever After the Choice

The books of the She Said He Said Series illustrate that every couple does indeed have a story! The first book for each couple offers “her” side of their story followed by the second book offering “his” side. Julie and Mike Morin are the current couple, sandwiched in between generations, with a very busy life! Just imagine! Take five children, one son-in-law, two grandchildren, one future daughter-in-law, one live-in elderly parent, and include them in your life and marriage. Next, add all the daily issues that may come up in this family, between sixty-six different relationships, the stress from two full-time jobs, the coordination of everyone’s commitments, the repair of their problems, and then toss in a few people from the past. Finally, sprinkle in a road trip, a wedding, and several attempts at finding time for romance and a love life. This is the perfect recipe for a panini of problems, a club sandwich of conflicts, and a BLT of breakdowns, with a side of getting into pickles. This is the life of Julie and Mike Morin, sandwiched in between generations and the pressures that come with it. Humor and hilarity make up the dessert in this story. Life’s short. Eat the dessert and read both sides of their story to see if they do live happily ever after!

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