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Michelle Castleberry


Michelle Castleberry‘s work has appeared in publications including Umbrella, Poemeleon, The Anthology of Southern Poetry: Vol. V – Georgia, The Chattahoochee Review, Freezeray, Flycatcher and Philadelphia Stories. Her first book Dissecting the Angel and Other Poems was selected as a finalist in poetry for the 50th annual Georgia Author of the Year award. She is completing a book of poems based on the Hyrtl Skulls in Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum. Starting January 2018, she will be in the first cohort of Fellows with The Makery of the Hindman Settlement School. Michelle is also a clinical social worker. On occasion she collaborates with her partner, filmmaker Matt DeGennaro on projects with Flying Mule Films and Surprisingly Professional Productions.


Michelle Castleberry

  • Local Poetry Stage @ Ammazza
  • Sat 3:30-3:40p Local Poets