Miciah Bay Gault-Goodnight Stranger

Miciah Bay Gault


Miciah Bay Gault grew up on Sanibel Island, Cape Cod, and other places by the sea. A graduate of the Syracuse MFA program, she now teaches in the MFA in Writing & Publishing program at Vermont College of Fine Arts and is the coordinator of the Vermont Book Award. Her fiction and essays have appeared in Tin House, The Sun, The Southern Review, Agni, The Literary Review, and the anthology Contemporary Vermont Fiction (Green Writers Press, 2014). Miciah has been a high school English teacher, a swing dance instructor, a barista, and a nanny. Currently obsessed with snowflakes, luck, and Shirley Jackson, Miciah lives in Montpelier, Vermont with her husband and three children.


Goodnight Stranger

Lydia and Lucas Moore are siblings in their late twenties when the stranger enters their small world on Wolf Island. Lydia is the responsible sister, taking care of the pathologically shy Lucas ever since their mom passed a decade before. They live together in the large family house by the sea and are both comforted and confined by their insular lives, heavily shadowed by events from their childhood and the loss of their baby brother, Colin, who was their triplet. When Lydia sees the stranger step off the ferry, Lydia is suspicious, yet she can’t deny his magnetism, his energy and warmth. Who is this Cole Anthony, and what is he after? To find out, Lydia must uncover sinister truths about her family, and finally face her anxiety about leaving the island and her fear of losing her closeness with her brother.

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