Mickey Dubrow-American Judas

Mickey Dubrow


Mickey Dubrow, for over 30 years, wrote television promos, marketing presentations, and scripts for various clients including Cartoon Network, TNT Latin America, HGTV, and CNN. He has written personal essays and short stories for both print and online publications including The Good Men Project, Full Grown People, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. He is a member of the board of the Decatur Writers Studio.


American Judas

American Judas is a political thriller/dystopian novel about a young couple’s life after opportunistic U.S. politicians abolish the wall between Church and State. Seth and Maggie Ginsberg do their best to navigate an oppressive theocracy where fundamental Christianity is the only legal religion, and abortion, homosexuality, and adultery are outlawed. When a co-worker outs Seth as a Jew, he escapes to Mexico, while Maggie is sent to a Savior Camp. American Judas mixes political satire, suspense, and family drama.

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