Patricia Martin  Holt-Empower a Refugee

Patricia Martin Holt


Holt leaves her career as consultant to the professions to remarry and move to Jordan. There she meets Leila Wahbeh, who introduces her to the reality of lives in refugee camps in and around Amman. After two years of working with Wahbeh six days a week, Holt returns home and writes COMMITTEE OF ONE, Making a Difference One Life at a Time. She’s named a GA author of the year and wins the bronze medal in a national independent publishers assn. competition. Questions and lamentations of inability to travel from audiences at her speaking engagements spurs Holt to find a local person making a difference. She finds Denise Smith, founder of Peace of Thread, who teaches refugee women in Clarkston, GA to sew and sell one-of-a-kind handbags. The result is EMPOWER A REFUGEE, Peace of Thread and the backyard Humanity Movement.