Paul Gilligan-King of the Mole People (Book 1)

Paul Gilligan


Paul Gilligan is a fresh and funny new voice in middle grade fiction—and he can draw, too! He is the creator of the popular syndicated comic strip Pooch Café. He has won awards for both illustration and design as a freelance illustrator for a diverse array of publications such as Entertainment Weekly, the Wall Street Journal, Disney Magazine, NFL Properties, and Bon Appetit, among others. He lives in Toronto, Canada.


Expect the Unexpected

Expected the unexpected! In Nathaniel Lachenmeyer's The Singing Rock and Other Brand New Fairy Tales, you may think you know where the story is going, but these fairy tales mix them all up. Likewise in Paul Gilligan's King of the Mole People, a young boy has all the trappings of a fairy tale ending but just wants to be normal.

Moderator: Justin Colussy-Estes

Justin Colussy-Estes is the manager of Little Shop of Stories, a children’s bookstore in Decatur, Georgia.

  • Children's Stage at Decatur Recreation Center
  • Sat 12:15-12:45p Children

King of the Mole People (Book 1)

Doug Underbelly is doing his best to be normal. It’s not the easiest thing in the world: He’s bad at jokes, he’s lousy at sports, and he lives in a creaky old mansion surrounded by gravestones. He’s got Magda who won’t leave him alone. He’s got a bully. Best of all, he’s got a crown because he just happens to be King of the Mole People.

Doug didn’t ask to be King—it’s a job he can’t really avoid, like the eel sandwiches his dad makes for him (with love). Eager as he may be to escape his fate, Doug sets out to solve the mystery destroying the underworld by taking on the feuding groups—the Mole People, the Slug People, the Stone People, and let’s not forget the Mushroom People. Is it possible to restore order in the nether realm and gain a few friends in the process? It’s all a matter of diplomacy!

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