Steven Cooper-Dig Your Grave

Steven Cooper


Steven Cooper is the author of the Gus Parker and Alex Mills series of mysteries. A former investigative reporter, Steven has won multiple Emmy Awards and nominations, as well as a national Edward R. Murrow award and numerous honors from the Associated Press. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Steven has lived a bit like a nomad, working TV gigs in New England, Arizona and Orlando, Florida, and following stories around the globe. He now resides in Atlanta.


Instinct, Observation, and Psychic Insight in Gripping Detective Novels

In Steven Cooper's Dig Your Grave, detective Alex Mills returns with psychic Gus Parker to solve a series of baffling murders. Trudy Nan Boyce brings back Detective Sarah "Salt" in The Policeman's Daughter with a complex and personal crime that starts to reveal itself only after a head injury causes her to have visions. These gripping crime novels dig into some of the more unusual means detectives use to solve their cases.

Moderator: Michele Ross

Michele Ross is a critic, writer, and speaker whose work has appeared in newspapers and magazines nationwide, including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, and Atlanta Magazine. She is currently the crime fiction columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and also a reviewer for Kirkus Reviews. She hosted a weekly live national book show on CNN Television for several years, and before that was the Book Editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She is a member of the National Book Critics Circle.

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Dig Your Grave

A killer is on the loose, leaving fresh bodies among the dead in Phoenix cemeteries, and marking the murders with ghoulish signs that warn of more evil to come. It’s a crude camouflage that has Detective Alex Mills stumped. As he has done before, Mills turns to his buddy, the reluctant psychic Gus Parker. His visions, as cryptic and baffling as they sometimes are, mean something. But just as the investigation heats up, and Mills needs him most, Gus Parker receives ominous threats from a mysterious source. There are nefarious secrets hiding in the shadows of the valley’s most well-heeled neighborhoods, and some of the most prominent residents have the most to fear.

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