Tyeone Barner-

Tyeone Barner


Tyeone Barner is a third-year Sociology major at Morehouse College. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tyeone is an organizer and advocate for minority groups and the disenfranchised—especially people of color, women, queer and trans people of color, and residents of low-income communities—in combatting oppression and inaccessibility. At the forefront of his values is community, specifically his belief in these four core principles: Community is a safe space where the inhabitants are loving, trusting, and respectful of one another; differences create room for growth and understanding; community functions through contributions and support from within; if a community is to be successful and progressive, it must serve all its members unequivocally.


Morehouse College

  • Local Poetry Stage @ Ammazza
  • Sun 2:15-2:25p Local Poets