Maryann Hopper\dontletthefliesin

Maryann Hopper is a writer and storyteller. She has published a collection of five southern short stories entitled Don’t Let the Flies In recounting the mishaps and musings of Edith, a middle aged cook who shares her world with husband, Kenny T, a mill worker, their dog Watchman, and her good friend Ruby.

Also she has recorded six of her stories on a CD, Missing the Magnolias. These stories tell of several cousins’ adventures that hold tragic twists, a young girl’s reflection on her Yankee mother’s dealings with her daddy’s southern relatives, two sisters’ failed fishing expedition, and the musings of an elderly woman faced with living alone.

Ms. Hopper was selected for the Masters Fiction Workshop at the Tucson Festival of Books in 2015. Her short story, “The Losses Go Deeper,” won honorable mention in the Lorain Hemingway Short Story Competition in 2016. She is working on her next short story collection entitled Birdsong Farm Stories.