NaAshaRa Bacote

NaAshaRa Yvette Bacote was born and raised in Boston, MA. In 2002, NaAshaRa was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2002. While on her healing journey, she decided to share her story with others to help them see the positive side of what seems to be a negative situation while chronicling her ongoing fight in the book series, Winning the Game of Life - My Spiritual Journey, Winning the Game of Life with Daily Affirmations and Meditations, Winning the Game of Life - A 45 Day Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle, Winning the Game of Life - Daily Inspiration for the Heart, Mind & Soul - 365 Days of Empowerment, & Winning the Game of Life while Facing Illness.

These books take you on her journey of transformation from traditional medicines to homeopathic medicines to natural healing promoted by a healthy lifestyle, self-love, and positive thinking. Her new objective in life is to assist people with illness to understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude are essential to their quality of life. NaAshaRa knows that suffering is a state of mind, your thoughts create your reality, and no one has to be sick and unhappy.