Stacey Horan

Stacey Horan is an award-winning author of young adult and middle grade novels. Stacey lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband and two dogs. Her first book,Sycamore Lane, is a young adult paranormal thriller and was inspired by her own experience moving into a home with "moving day" written on a blackboard wall. Fortunately, that home was not haunted...or at least no ghosts ever left her any notes written in chalk. Prior to moving to Jacksonville, Stacey and her husband lived in Westchester, New York. Stacey’s second book, Inland, is a young adult sci-fi thriller about an alternate universe that can be accessed through Grand Central Terminal. It was inspired by her time spent in New York City and some of her favorite sites, events and aspects of that incredible city. Stacey’s third novel is The Elixir Vitae Adventures – ORTUS, is the first book in her new middle grade adventure series inspired by her love of travel and the mysteries she read as a kid.