Craig Henderson

R. Craig Henderson (Facebook)

Craig Henderson is a metro Atlanta native. He is a practicing attorney, a mediator and an adjunct professor at Atlanta's John Marshall Law School. He is married to Kathy Reed, and they have two amazing children that he would love to tell you about if you have a few free hours. They also have two dogs, two ducks, some miniature chickens, a bearded dragon, and they share their property with a six foot rat snake named Thor.

Before he settled down into the quiet suburban life, Craig Henderson vigorously pursued a misspent youth. As a martial artist, he was a nationally ranked kickboxer. He also was an instructor in a women's self defense course. As he grew older, his brain cells became more precious, so he retired from practicing the combat arts. Besides the martial arts, some years ago Craig Henderson had the opportunity to study weapons, tactics, and other military skills at the government's expense.

Besides writing, Craig Henderson enjoys spending time cooking. Among his most prized possessions are Griswold cast iron skillets that Kathy Reed gave him for Christmas. He enjoys cooking many different dishes, and continues to struggle with portion control.