Mark ARW

Christopher Chauncey Michael Mashburn was born April 4th, 1980 in Atlanta, GA. Chris was raised by his single mother Nancy Mashburn-Reilley. They traveled all over the U.S., bouncing around in Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Indiana, and Missouri. Chris attended high school and college in Missouri. He continued moving on his own, stopping in Louisiana and Colorado, before finally coming back to Atlanta in 2004. Chris has been a performer and entertainer all of his life. Just ask the people around him. His witty humor, funny characters, crazy voices, and perfect impersonations have gained peoples attention throughout the years. He’s has been perfecting his craft with experience in acting, writing, voice-over, comedy, production, improv., and even as a hype-man doing mascot work. With the launch of his entertainment and talent company, ChaunceyTalent LLC in 2010, you can expect even more from this up and coming star.