Stewart Brann

Stewart grew up in Atlanta feeling like he was always a step behind his classmates. He was the day-dreamer who always needed the teacher to repeat directions. He was the last one in class to finish his test and always needed an extra day to complete the paper. He wasn’t a bad student, just a little slow.

After earned art degrees in Texas and Vermont, Stewart returned to Atlanta to become a science teacher for kids with “learning differences.” He noticed that there were not many books written for average to below average readers. He told stories to illustrate concepts because students did not grasp standard explanations. His students were eager to learn and knew how to read, they just didn’t understand the book.

Stewart’s adaptations introduce students to classic tales using similar stories about present-day teenagers doing seemingly ordinary things in a small town setting. He envisions them being read along with the original texts for thematic reinforcement and comic relief. When Stewart is not reading a classic, he is transforming one into a story or a sculpture. He works in a hardware store and lives in Atlanta with his wife, two sons and many pets.