Daryl Funn

Daryl A. Funn (mistafunn™) is a Baltimore native who enjoys life as an extra medium social outcast. HIs poetry can be best described as an obvious sign no child left behind needs tweaking.

As current and longest running slam master of the Java Monkey Slam team Mistafunn pretends to be an organized leader of some of Atlanta’s amazing wordsmiths. Rumor has it that he has a new CD project coming “Tryin’ 2 BEE r3L0vEnt” will be so bad (in the good way) knees will instantly become pregnant. Mistafunn has written and published 3 books (inquire for details). Funn usually has a good joke, a great hug, or delicious treats on hand when you find him. At best watching him perform will be the worst fun you ever had. At the end of the day mistafunn hopes to change your expectation of having fun. (“I really want you to stay woke but it’s the end of the day and i’ve already been slept on long enough.”)