Amber Brock


Lady Be Good

Kitty Tessler, the status-obsessed daughter of hotel magnate Nicolas Tessler, builds her glamorous world with her beauty and her father’s money, both of which she uses as social capital to navigate the electric 1950’s nightlife of three iconic cities: New York, Miami, and Havana.

Kitty wears her nail polish like war paint as she gallivants around New York City. But her socialite routine comes to a screeching halt when her father presents her with an ultimatum: she must either marry her father’s second-in-command to inherit the Tessler hotel empire, or assume a position as a hotel maid and learn the value of hard work and commitment. Kitty is unsure of what she fears more--being trapped in a loveless engagement or sacrificing her expensive lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Kitty’s best friend and confidante, Henrietta, has found herself condemned to a hopeless marriage arranged by her aristocratic family. As loyal as she is clever, Kitty devises a plan that will hopefully save both women from a lifetime of misery.

Then Kitty meets Max, a musician who sees through her glossy façade and forces her to reflect on what lies beneath it. Despite her infatuation with Max, she’s determined to follow through with her scheme to upend her father’s demands. Kitty travels to Miami and Cuba and finds herself falling deeply for Max. As the two would-be lovers spend more time together, she begins to recognize both the beauty and the injustice of a world entirely different from her insular corner of Manhattan. Kitty is forced to consider the cost of privilege, the nature of choice, and the insidiousness of societal pressure. For the first time, she has something to lose.

Amber Brock is the author of Lady Be Good, a work of historical/women's/literary fiction that follows on the heels of her critically acclaimed, debut novel, A Fine Imitation. Brock is a history aficionado, taking every opportunity to travel abroad and take in history and art museums. Brock teaches British literature and creative writing at the Atlanta Girls School. Being part of this all-girl community has made single-gender education one of Brock’s passions. She considers "her girls" every time she sits down to write, and thoughts of them shape the outcome of her work. She would like to write books that both explore their what challenges and inspires them. Brock received her undergraduate degree from Furman University and a master's from the University of Georgia. She lives in Smyrna with her husband, also an English teacher, and their three rescue dogs.