Ngozi Adebiyi



Ngozi Adebiyi’s passion and desire to see people, organisations and the society make positive shifts is evident in the words she carefully and accurately captures in the chapters of her book - Grow!

In a succinct way, she sheds light on how to effectively grow regardless of the field you operate in. She juxtaposes culture and character traits, illustrates the balance and wisdom she’s gathered from her rich and well decorated career as an HR expert and Consultant having worked with several leading firms such as Arthur Andersen, Walmart, Guinness, KPMG and Reckitt Benckiser.”

There are 88 short stories in the book about life, leadership, business and each can be taken as a nugget. Designed in byte-sizes for ease of digestion!

Now the CEO and Lead Consultant of OutsideIn HR, a human resource consulting and coaching firm, "Grow!" is about asking the questions ‘why are we here?’ and ‘why do we need to do better in the workplace & in life?’

‘Grow!’ is self-published and reads both as an invitation and a guide at the same time. “It speaks directly to people looking to make a difference, move mountains and become more impactful in their career, workplace and at entrepreneurial endeavours.”

Former Chairman of KPMG Africa, Seyi Bickersteth who wrote the book’s foreword, said: “I spent 38 years of my working career at Andersen and KPMG. During this period, I was Chief Executive of those firms for 20 years. In retrospect, my leadership at these two outstanding firms would have been better enhanced if I had the benefit of reading Ngozi Adebiyi’s amazingly insightful book ‘Grow’.”

He added that the book “contains practical advice for running an organisation, managing careers and succeeding in today’s complex and dynamic world.

Quick info on the book:

Hope you grow & sprout as you're inspired!


Ngozi Adebiyi