Tahira Sheriff


Mariah The Little Wanderer

Mariah, Amal and the Wilderness


Tahira Perveen Sheriff is a best-selling author of Children’s books in Sri Lanka, whose writing depicts her everyday experiences and extracts from her own childhood. A keen sense of observation and a belief in instilling values that can give back to society at every turn is the mainstay of her stories. Armed with a degree, and former career in social sciences she writes with the promise to make a difference to the world she lives in, in her own way.

Her books are stories based in the emerald island- Sri Lanka. Tahira’s books are a gentle reminder of the good we have around us in ways big and small and how we need to reclaim it in our everyday lives to make this world a better place.The illustrations and graphics in the books denote real places in the gorgeous island of Sri Lanka in Asia, showcasing the beauty of travel and making the books a visual delight.