Eddie Johnson


Passing the Test of Faith


Exemption from a faith test is not an option, and at some point in our lives, we will have to take one. What if the test is trials experienced from bad relationships, adversities caused by health issues, or hardships as a result of financial challenges? Do you trust God enough to turn them completely over to Him first?

When his three-year-old son Kendall was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, Eddie Johnson faced his biggest faith test. Friends asked him, “How can you have that much faith in such a challenging situation?” Not knowing how to answer this question, Eddie went in search of the foundation of his faith.

In Passing the Test of Faith, Eddie shares compelling personal stories and three fundamental steps for overcoming the storms of life. These steps along with the activation of faith will help readers move their mountains positioning them to pass their faith test so that God can get the glory and they can receive the rewards He has promised through faith.

As readers journey through this book of life experiences, they will be inspired and motivated to build a closer relationship with God, strengthen their trust and love for Him knowing that God can help them through their greatest challenges.