Lynn Brunelle


Turn This Book into a Beehive: And 19 Other Experiments and Activities that Explore the Amazing World of Bees

Turn This Book into a Beehive introduces kids to the amazing mason bee, a non-aggressive, super-pollinator that does the work of over 100 honeybees. Twenty activities and hands-on experiments reveal even more about bees—use a balloon and static electricity to understand how pollen “leaps” from a flower, make a bee buzzer to demonstrate how bees’ wings make their buzzing noises, use the perforated pages and cover to turn parts of the book into a literal beehive for mason bees, learn how bees communicate with one another through “dance,” and more. It’s the real buzz on bees, delivered in the most ingenious and interactive way.

Lynn Brunelle is a four-time Emmy Award–winning writer for Bill Nye the Science Guy and author of over 45 books, including the bestselling Pop Bottle Science and Camp Out! She is a regular contributor to KING-TV’s New Day Northwest as a family science guru and NPR’s Science Friday.