Linda Sands


Precious Cargo

After helping a frightened girl who flagged down their Kenworth in Austin and delivering her to safety, trucker Jojo Boudreaux and co-driver Gator Natoli believe that’s the end of it. Until they find her again in Oklahoma City, and this time she doesn’t want to be saved.

They soon find themselves pulled into dangerous territory. Somali Mafia territory. A place where powerful people manipulate a hundred-billion-dollar industry of prostitution, drugs and international sex-trafficking. A place where innocence dies at a cost no one should have to pay.

It’s a road trip to the darker side of trucking- the darker side of humanity- as Jojo is forced into this violent world of corruption, abuse, and addiction. Armed with her wits and will, the only way to survive is to trust others, accept help from unexpected places, and never, ever give up hope.

( NOTE: This addresses a sensitive, timely topic-- the growing scourge of sex-trafficking along trucking routes. As we well know, this problem is right in our backyard in Atlanta. In an attempt to raise awareness, Sands partnered with Wellspring Living, an organization dedicated to transforming lives of those at risk or victimized by sexual exploitation.)

Georgia Author of the Year, Linda Sands is the multiple award-winning author of five books in four genres. Always on the hunt for unique characters, fabulous settings and compelling storylines, Linda divides her time between the suburbs of Atlanta, the beaches of The Emerald Coast and a secret place in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In THE CARGO SERIES, Linda introduces the only female truck driving sleuth in the world. Meet Jojo Boudreaux in GRAND THEFT CARGO and cheer her on as she battles sex-traffickers in this year’s release, PRECIOUS CARGO. Profits from the sale of this book go to Wellspring Living in Atlanta.