Hyacinth Paul


Billy Jean The Cloud and Bill The Hawksbill Turtle

Billy Jean The Cloud and Bill The Hawksbill Turtle Save Endangered Birds


Hyacinth Paul, PhD is a retired professor and scientist turned author, illustrator and designer. She loves and supports the creative process and is determined to create a philanthropic, socially responsible business that gives back to her community. Part of Hyacinth’s goal with Simply Hyacinth is to donate 25% of her net profits to support education and entrepreneurship. Throughout her retirement, she has worked with various organizations to raise scholarship funds for students. With her small business, Hyacinth is looking to make a big impact in Dayton, the United States and beyond.

The idea of creating her first book is a direct result of her research into creating a toy for children. It came out of a need to educate very young children as well as their parents to become more aware of the world around them. The first book in the series is just a concept to introduce the two main characters Billy Jean the Cloud and Bill the Hawksbill Turtle. The books to follow will give out concrete examples of ways to do simple things to help bring changes that counters the effects of man made changes in our world. It is her vision to educate the very young because they are our future and they will make policies and move nations.