Ray Dan Parker


Fly Away: The Metamorphosis of Dina Savage

Tom and Colleen Williams accept an invitation from close friend Bonnie Baron to an outdoor concert at Atlanta’s Chastain Park. There they meet promising young artist Liam Sanstrom and his date, the brilliant, beautiful and mysterious Dina Savage.

Sanstrom is the damaged son of a Swedish ambassador and industrial magnate. Dina, Tom later learns, is a self-invented persona of Dawn Sawyer. Sawyer has escaped the poverty and abuse of a rural Mississippi childhood, only to discover that she can never outrun her past.

On the afternoon following the concert, Tom learns that Sanstrom has been arrested for drugging and raping Savage. What ensues is a collision between power and wealth, on the one hand, and blind, vindictive ambition on the other, ending in murder. In the wake of this tragedy lie the ruined lives of dozens of people from the suburbs of Atlanta to the small town of Clewiston, Mississippi.

Drawn into the tragic downfall of such powerful and narcissistic personalities, Tom hears echoes from his own childhood growing up in the rural South in the 1950s. In the end, he comes to see much of himself in Dina.


As a student at the University of Georgia, Ray Dan Parker studied literature and history and worked for local and campus newspapers. It was there that he first developed his love of writing.

Mr. Parker’s fiction career began with the publication of his debut novel, Unfinished Business, a murder mystery set in 1968 in rural Florida. Fly Away, his second novel, takes place more recently in the Atlanta area.

Mr. Parker is married and lives in Atlanta, where he spends his free time writing, reading, and playing tennis. He also enjoys teaching Sunday school, works as a youth leader at his church, and has coordinated several community outreach activities.