Dorin Schumacher


Gatsby's Child: Coming of Age in East Egg

Gatsby’s Child: Coming of Age in East Egg is that most American of stories, a young person forced to solve the mystery of who she is and who she might become. The daughter of a dissolute blueblood mother and a social-climbing fraud of a father, Dorin Schumacher tries to figure out where she fit into high WASP society on Long Island in the 1950s. Was she rich or poor? Gentile or Jew? The one free-thinking intellectual on her cheerleading squad, or a promiscuous beauty trying to win her coldly seductive father’s love? Schumacher spares no one—parents, teachers, neighbors, girlfriends, beaus, least of all herself. Yet this beautifully rendered memoir turns Fitzgerald’s great American tragedy into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, survival, and triumph.

Dorin Schumacher’s 2017 and 2018 writings have appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, At Large, Fjords Review, Bridge Eight, Honeysuckle Magazine, Terminus, StatORec, Pank, Quiet Lunch, Roanoke Review (in press) and others. Her writing on silent film star Helen Gardner appears in Women Screenwriters, the Encyclopedia of Early Cinema, This Film is Dangerous, and other anthologies and publications. Her personal writing appears in The New York Times, Stonepile Writers Anthology, and numerous other publications. She is a nominee for the 2018 Pushcart Prize. She is the author of Gatsby’s Child: Coming of Age in East Egg.