Afolabi Ashiru


Tales of Conquest: The Truce

It is the pre-colonial era in the Mid-Southwestern, sub-Saharan region of the African continent. Two great kingdoms, feared by many for their gift of conquest, rose to prominence by managing political peace between each other. However, for one of them, there are other internal problems in dire need of resolution. A solution though attainable, would prove costly… dead costly.

Nigerian-born Afolabi Ashiru is part of UltraStudios, designers of a series of comic books called Tales of Conquest. He started writing in 1996 after he finished secondary school. His first works were comic stories written for a friend, Scot Mmobuosi, who is an Atlanta-based graphic artist. His first published work was Curse of the Kings which was published in 2004. In 2005, he published My People’s Past. Both books were self-published. He also has a short story "Amphibian Attack" in the Sci-fi Anthology Lagos 2060. He lives in Atlanta.