Healing Falls

Writing Out of Limbo: International Childhoods, Global Nomads and Third Culture Kids

Faith Eidse, Ph.D., has emerged as a powerful voice for prison reform in an era of mother-child separations in prison and immigrant facilities. She was inspired to write her first novel, Healing Falls, after volunteering six years in women's prisons, and resonating with mothers separated from children. She, too, was separated from family during revolution in Congo, and while raised in Congo, Canada and the U.S. She co-edited a Hachette title, Unrooted Childhoods (now a Princeton textbook), and Writing Out of Limbo. Eidse won an oral history award for Voices of the Apalachicola, the Kingsbury Award for her memoir-writing, and published a biography of her parents' linguistic and medical breakthroughs, Light the World. She is senior editor at the Florida Department of Health, where her "How to Write" series is video-conferenced statewide.