Carmen Mohan


The Women's Guide to Health - RunWalkRun®, Eat Right, and Feel Better

Carmen is an internal medicine physician and marathon runner who prescribes food and exercise as medicine. Carmen attended the University of Maryland, College Park where she was a Banneker Key Scholar. A graduate of the Emory University School of Medicine, Carmen became a Clinical Fellow at Harvard Medical School and completed her residency at Cambridge Health Alliance. Her accolades include Jane Addams - Andrew Carnegie Fellow, American Teachers of Preventive Medicine Paul Ambrose Fellow, and JAMA Sponsored Scholar. She has served on the board of advisors for many nonprofit organizations including HealthSTAT, Community Campus Partnerships for Health, and the Third Wave Foundation. Now in private practice at HelloHealth, she specializes in cardiometabolic risk factor reduction with a focus on women.

Carmen is an avid writer with diverse experience including medical, lifestyle, and advocacy topics. Her work has been published in professional journals, newspapers, books, and online publications. Her latest book is The Women’s Guide to Health - RunWalkRun®, Eat Right, and Feel Better written in collaboration with olympian Jeff Galloway and Emory Professor of Medicine Ruth M. Parker. The book combines Jeff Galloway’s RunWalkRun® programs with best medical knowledge to help every woman attain a healthy, active lifestyle. For women interested in using diet and exercise to help prevent or treat medical problems, this action guide contains practical evidence-based tools to assist in having meaningful conversations with a personal physician. The book is particularly salient for women who want to use RunWalkRun® and the Mediterranean diet to achieve health goals.