Marvin Gantt


Stick With Your Kid

Light from a Brighter Candle

Dr. Marvin E. Gantt received a BA. Degree in English and Physical Education at Western State Colorado University. Through the department of Education he received a MA Degree in Education focusing on the Supervision of Instruction and the Psychology of Individual Differences. At Nova Southeastern University, he culminated his study with a Doctors Degree in Educational Leadership and Change Through the Fishler School of Education at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

His book, Stick With Your Kid begins with an inside-outside perspective in a response from a family member who wanted to be relevant and effective parent. The question arose as such: "What is it that we know that is not being accurately expressed or communicated to our chilldren?" In the process of addressing this issue, Stick With Your Kid has become a very essential document toward revealing parental concerns.