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Liberty on the loose in the White House

America by George

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The Great Missing Flag Caper

The Night Before Christmas in America

Spirit of America Series

By MaryTherese Grabowski

History. It’s often referred to as boring but not if it’s told through a memorable adventurous story. Telling stories for many years as a television news reporter was very natural for MaryTherese Grabowski. She began writing the Spirit of America Series after a planned trip to Washington DC with her young niece who wanted to see where her aunt worked covering stories. When “MT” asked her niece who makes up the President’s Cabinet she responded “Why do I care who makes his furniture?” THAT is how the “Spirit of America” series was born. Inquisitive, fearless and funny elementary school student AMERICA JOHNSON and her friends take young readers on patriotic adventures through history . There are 7 published works to date in the Spirit of America Series and the adventure possibilities are endless.

If you think history is boring you should take an adventure with America Johnson and her sassy dog Liberty! You’ll feel the excitement , laugh and learn at all the same time.