Ujjvala Bagal Rahn




Red Silk Sari


Ujjvala Bagal Rahn is the owner of Red Silk Press, an independent micro-press specializing in books and ebooks of science fiction, science writing, poetry and memoir. Promiseland (Avinash V. Bagal) was excerpted in Khabar, the Atlanta-based publication for South Asians. The title story in Venusification and Other Stories (Joseph Demare) won the 2004 Multiple Alternate Realities Conference short story competition. Poems in Red Silk Sari (Ujjvala Bagal Rahn) have appeared in various publications and was featured in Poetry in the Air (WHCJ, Savannah State University). How to Pass Chemistry (Alonzo Parker) is a forthcoming ebook. Ujjvala is a member of Zona Rosa©, the writing group lead by Rosemary Daniell.