Jeremiah Davis


The Hunt For The Great Beasts Book 1: Water

I was born in Chicago, Illinois as the only child of my mother. I spent a few years in the city moving around, but eventually moved out to the suburb of Homewood, Illinois. There, I attended grammar and middle school, and during this time was when I began to write. During 4th and 5th grade, I wrote little stick figure comics alongside some of my friends, and we were planning to sell them. We didn’t, and they eventually got bored with it, but I didn’t. Instead of comics though, I started writing little books. I would use regular loose leaf paper and create stacks of about forty or fifty sheets; I would staple them together, write stories, and usually just keep them. I didn’t really make them to publish; I mostly made them for myself. Due to bullying and social issues, I left Homewood after the 8th grade and went back to Chicago for high school. I stopped writing during my freshmen year, mostly due to lack of time, but continued reading. Two years passed and it was during the winter of my junior year when I began to write again. It started when I watched an anime called ToraDora (aka Tiger Dragon). It’s about romance, and it made me cry my eyes out; it motivated me to create something that would make me proud to call my own, and thus I began writing again. Unlike the romance based anime, the story I started working on shortly after was tied to mythology and world domination, which are sub-genres that are very interesting to me. Once I finished my book, I published it with the help of my mother and Amazon, and have not looked back since.