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Solemn Vows Mission Continued


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Craig Henderson is an attorney, mediator and adjunct professor of law. He lives in metropolitan Atlanta with his wife, Kathy Reed, two dogs, two ducks, some chickens and a bearded dragon named Roosevelt. They have two children... er... Kathy and Craig do. The animals all lead fulfilling lives without the responsibilities of parenthood. On the other hand, the humans' daughter lives in Germany with her Air Force husband and their son is a US Army Minuteman Scholar in his second year at the Citadel.

Many years ago, many of your tax dollars were spent training Craig to be a soldier. Like many government projects, the return on that particular investment was not optimal. Despite the result, that experience taught Craig about military capabilities, commitment, and the behavior of honorable people in difficult circumstances.

Solemn Vows Mission Continued is Craig's second published novel. He is grateful to everyone who offered insight and support. He is especially grateful to those who have read his novels.