TJ Woodard


A Queen’s Guide to Dating the Christian Way

Tamika Woodard is a single mother, entrepreneur, and a military veteran. She comes from a life of hardships, struggle and knows first hand how to overcome obstacles. God has had his hand on her life carrying her through each and every situation she has had to endure. Her biggest pride and joy are her three beautiful children and two grandchildren. Tamika is the founder of a mentorship program called Queen Series in which she teaches young women between the ages of 15 – 25, offering advice and education on self-love, self-respect, self-esteem, love and relationships. Tamika designed the program after experiencing her own revelation of personal truths following separation from her husband. Tamika's personal experiences have taught her so many things but most importantly how she is an overcomer. She hopes that her desire to mentor will show young women and men that no matter the struggle, no matter the circumstances, no matter what they have been through or are going through that they too can overcome. For their future, the possibilities are endless if they just don't quit and keep God first.

One of the things Tamika realized and the reason she has made the commitment to help others was that she did not truly understand her worth. Being a Christian and knowing God as her personal savior, she had not tapped in to her bloodline as the child of the King. She is Royalty. She is a Queen and should be treated as such.