Steven C. Thedford


Kwanzaa Coloring Book

Nobody Told Me It Was Like This

Steven Thedford began his writing career by winning a writing contest at Build Academy in Buffalo, New York for a book about an Easter egg in elementary school. His talents always have amazed his fellow students. For instance, during the reading of a poem in a high school English class, he began by saying, “I have the taste of the past in my mouth.” But before he could continue, a fellow classmate hollered out, “You didn’t write that.” He further used his abilities as a graduate student to write articles for a school newsletter at North Carolina State University. After graduate school, Thedford taught math and physics at Mbeji Academy in Ngi’ya Kenya, East Africa. Using his experiences, Thedford published his first book Inquiry Based Science Activities and Internet Lessons and New World Press, Inc. published Thedford’s second book, The Kwanzaa Coloring Book (Games & Puzzles), which introduces children to the principles and symbols of the African-American holiday of Kwanzaa. Thedford’s Nobody Told Me It Was Like This, “poetry you can understand.” is Thedford’s third book. Steven C. Thedford resides in Ellenwood, Georgia, with his daughters, Kennedy, and Landyn, and his wife, Yolanda Thedford.