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Browsing Books with Bunnie

1. Bunnie, your bookshop focuses on children and young adult books with “a thoughtfully curated collection of intentionally diverse + inclusive, artful stories for the humans we want to raise and be in the world.” This is a wonderful, very special niche. Can you elaborate on this?

We are primarily a Children’s bookstore with a few grown up books (as we like to call them). We believe that we are planting seeds early on that the world is made more beautiful by celebrating our differences by providing a collection of stories, faces, places and where all kids and families and abilities are represented not as a section of the store but that is our store. It emphasizes that all of our stories are important and especially those usually highlighted during special months. So we get to see and share joyful stories of family and friendship and adventure (and parenting and friendships and love) for all.

2. What is your favorite thing or hidden joy about independent bookstores?
We all (indie bookshops) have something special and unique to offer. Which is why Brave + Kind Bookshop launched the indie bookshop crawl in 2021! We were excited to create a collection of stops for the community to discover and enjoy and to partner with other bookstores to create an event where we supported each other as small businesses.

3. What are two titles folks should grab off your shelves now, and two upcoming titles they should pre-order?
Cleo Wade’s May You Love and Be Love and Be Loved is a perfect graduation or new baby gift reminiscent of (and a replacement for) The Places You Will Go. Also Summer is Here by Renee Watson is a fun ode to summer – one you can pull out this summer and those to come.

Young adults should preorder The Dividing Sky by Jill Tew, releasing October 5th. Also, a shameless plug for the debut release of our very own Author Events Coordinator, Vania Stoyanova. Why on Earth by Vania Stoyanova & Rosiee Thor releases on March 5th, 2025.

4. In an increasingly digital age, why do you think it’s important for a festival that’s centered around books to exist?
Festivals are an opportunity to create community and gather over a shared interest or passion to explore something new. Books capture the stories’ hearts and minds old and new. We will continue to have the ability to do that digitally but it’s like listening to an album versus seeing your favorite musician in person. Nothing can compare to the real thing.

5. When you think of the Decatur Book Festival, do you have a standout memory that comes to mind?
Finishing Tayari Joneses An American Marriage, then seeing her on stage at DBF and picking up her signed copy at The Eagle Eye Tent. It was a good day!

6. What are you most looking forward to at this year’s festival?
Meeting and making new friends and introducing them to Brave + Kind Bookshop. We are special, we are a vibe.

7. What book made you fall in love with reading? Can you tell us why?
Honestly, I don’t think I’m in love with reading. I’m in love with stories (and storytelling). The opportunities to provide and experience the windows, mirrors and sliding doors that a good book provides. I wanted to see myself in the Judy Blume books and I enjoyed them so much in my school library as a kid. But I am so proud to provide the Jordan Banks (Jerry Kraft) and Jasmine Toguchi’s (Debbie Michiko Florence) and Desmond Coles (Andres Miedoso) and Ryan Harts (Renee Watson) for young people to really see themselves and others too.

8. What book would you most want to read again for the first time?
I’m a big fan of all of Lisa See’s Books and am looking forward to digging into her latest, Lady Tans Circle of Women.